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Showroom Spotlight : Lynn Read of Vitreluxe Studios

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013


I’m very excited to have Vitreluxe Studio’s beautiful glass vases in our Showroom this month.  Glassblower Lynn Read brings each shape into being in his Sellwood studio, combining smooth organic shapes with bright colors.  His work has been honored for many years in the design community and I’m honored to show his glassware this month.  Here’s a short Q + A with Lynn on his work and what inspires him:


What inspires the shapes of your glassware?  

I think negative shape is as important as the positive space.  I like to see a dialog between the two.  I love implied lines that converge within a shape or shift the eye’s focus.  I work with a blown material, so I like to allow that tension and compression to be part of the shape.  I design for those to be the details of the shape.

Who first inspired you to make something?

I would give credit to my older brother for teaching me how to improve.  We would build choppers from BMXs, rockets from cardboard tubes, forts with tumbleweeds, and rafts from salvaged materials- then float the Willamette River from Mission Park to Sprongs Landing.

How has your work grown over the years? 

Working with glass is very challenging.  It requires serious dedication and patience.  Along the way, my ideas have evolved and I now enjoy the freedom to explore sculpture as well as vessels.  I have always struggled with the narrative in my work, but it has become easier with age.  Recently, I have allowed that into my work.  I think it’s interesting now because I’ve developed a heightened awareness of the physics of glass… liberation!

 What’s the most satisfying thing about your work?

Being able to work with my hands and body within the choreography of a team.  I enjoy teaching glassblowing and working with my friends in the studio as a career.


Showroom Spotlight // November 2012 : Jason Russell of Syrk Tableware

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012


It’s been about a year since I met Jason Russell of Syrk Tableware, but it feels like I’ve known him forever.  He’s an old soul and so easy to talk to, I feel like we could chat for hours!  Before I moved to Portland, I remember seeing his work and thinking, “Absolutely. Gorgeous!”  His new line of tableware is nothing but and we’re proud to feature it in our new Showroom through the month of November.  His wheel-thrown pieces feature bone-white porcelain ringed by a thin ribbon of blue cobalt.  They are reasonably priced and carefully thrown on the wheel by Jason himself in his SE Portland studio.  For purchasing and questions, you can contact Jason here.



November Showroom Spotlight:

Jason Russel of Syrk Tableware