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It’s wonderful to discover people who are as lovely as their work.  Recently I met Amy Tremper, the designer / maker behind Stitch & Hammer.  She crafts elegant leather and denim goods in her studio in Boulder, Colorado.  I love how she mixes modern shapes with traditional materials, creating pieces that are well-crafted and timeless.  I hope to own one of her gorgeous leather wrapper clutches or totes in the future.  Her blog is also delightful to look at, filled with beautiful photography of the sweeping hills of Colorado, urging me to plan a trip out west sometime soon…


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  1. Amy says:

    Shannon! Thanks for the post. To give proper credit, the image of the apron on the right was taken by Nicole Franzen from La Buena Vida and the model is Lily Stockman of Big Bang Studio. Both worth checking out.

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